January Program Status Report

First, we would again like to thank everyone who participated in the January Program.
It is encouraging to know there are so many out there interested in the obscene, hideous,
dangerous and dirty. So many, in fact, that the orders actually overwhelmed us a bit. With
so many members of the Ascetic House constantly on the road, recording, or spread out
in other states and countries, there has been only a small number of us available to handle
the production aspect of releasing music. It is this reason we have never done direct mail
order in the past. All of our tapes are designed, dubbed, printed, cut, assembled and
shipped out of a single location in the desert. The process is tedious, and we have been at
it around the clock. We hope to begin shipping this week and people should start receiving
their orders this month. There will be another update once everything has shipped. We will
also post a list of distributors and record stores that will be carrying January Program titles.
Thank you for your continued patience in receiving your orders.
We assure you the wait will be worth it.

- The Ascetic House Collective


Sonoran Lodge: jsa@ascetism.com, nn@ascetism.com, ajarson@ascetism.com
Far East: jr@ascetism.com, hansell@ascetism.com
Far West: rsawyer@ascetism.com
EUHQ: fh@ascetism.com

Legal Council: r.epstein@ascetism.com

discography - upcoming